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Georgia CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Feb. 8, 2019

Georgia Cancer Registry

Registry jurisdiction Georgia
Type of review required Both local/state IRB review and Registry review
Type of request forms required IRB form for both reviews
IRB of record Georgia Department of Public Health
How to submit request:
  • Initial cancer registry contact/discussion required prior to submitting application
  • Researcher should submit request to Cancer Registry
  • Cancer Registry via Online submission
Initial required documentation

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Step-by-Step data request submission process

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Other requirements and helpful information for researchers Cost associated with data linkage and active active recruitment of patients if needed
Processing timeframe
  • For linkage studies and de-identified data release: 1 - 3 months
  • For patient contact studies: Greater than 6 months
Patient Consent and Contact Procedures
  • Passive consent with the physician is required before patient contact. Physician consent is obtained by: Registry
  • Patient consent is obtained by: Researcher
Pediatric research considerations None
Registry Fees Linkage with no follow up $5,000
Linakge with follow up $10,000
Involvment in Patients recruitment and consent --based on expected number of patients and research protocol. Resrearch will sign additional Data User Agreement.

Exceptions: Registry fee varies based on the research
IRB Fees

fully described on Georgia IRB website
Collaboration with local researcher required No