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Vermont CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Oct. 26, 2021

Vermont Cancer Registry

General Information



Government Agency

Cancer Reporting Requirements

3-6 months from diagnosis

180 days from date diagnosis or first seen

Less than every 3 months

monthly submissions required

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Other, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers

Those cases diagnosed or treated at a Vermont facility or previously admitted to a Vermont facility for diagnosis or treatment of that instance of cancer are exceptions and do not need to be reported by the health care provider.
For the definitions of "health care facility" and "health care provider," see 18 V.S.A. § 9432 (

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers, Other

For the definitions of "health care facility" and "health care provider," see 18 V.S.A. § 9432 (


Independent diagnostic laboratories are subject to the same reporting requirements as hospitals and physicians.


Each health care facility or health care provider shall report cases to VCR in the format defined in the VCR Procedure Manual and shall include all of the data elements detailed in the VCR Procedure Manual, found here:


Reimburse for Costs

If the facility fails to report in a format prescribed by the Commissioner, the Commissioner's authorized representative may enter the facility, obtain the information, and report it in the appropriate format. In these cases, the facility shall reimburse the Commissioner or the authorized representative for the cost of obtaining and reporting the information.

Willful failure to grant access to such records shall be punishable by a fine of up to $ 500.00 for each day access is refused. Any fines collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited in the General Fund


Registry Data

Population Data
  • 624,557Total Population Count
  • 0.2%% of US Population
  • 0.0%% of US Black Population
  • 0.1%% of US API Population
  • 0.0%% of US AI/AN* Population
  • 0.0%% of US Hispanic Population
  • 0.0%% of US Hispanic Non-White Population

*CHSDA Counties only

Cancer Data
  • 3,840Malignant Cases
  • 0.2%% of US Malignant Cases







Yes (Restrictions -

Study Participation

Research TypeExperience with StudiesInterested in Studies
Case Contacts Studies Yes No
Geospatial Studies Yes No
Linkage Studies Yes No
Rapid Case Ascertainment Studies No No
Re-Abstracting/Patterns of Care Studies Yes Yes
Survival Studies No Yes

Contact Information

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