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Seattle CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Nov. 17, 2021

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

General Information



Government Agency

Cancer Reporting Requirements

3-6 months from diagnosis

Submit completed case reports within six months of the date of diagnosis or date patient is first seen for first course treatment, if the diagnosis was made at another health facility or provider.

Less than every 3 months

Report files within ten days of the close of each month or on a schedule determined by the volume of reports acquired daily and approved by the registry.

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers, Other

Reporting entities that diagnose, or provide first course treatment to a patient with a cancer case or potentially reportable cancer case shall report the cancer to the state registry. If a health care provider refers patients to a health care facility with cancer registry staffing, then the health care facility is responsible for reporting the case to the state cancer registry.





Registry Data

Population Data
  • 5,025,437Total Population Count
  • 1.6%% of US Population
  • 0.7%% of US Black Population
  • 3.3%% of US API Population
  • 4.1%% of US AI/AN* Population
  • 0.9%% of US Hispanic Population
  • 1.3%% of US Hispanic Non-White Population

*CHSDA Counties only

Cancer Data
  • 26,947Malignant Cases
  • 1.6%% of US Malignant Cases






Study Participation

Research TypeExperience with StudiesInterested in Studies
Case Contacts Studies Yes No
Geospatial Studies No No
Linkage Studies Yes No
Rapid Case Ascertainment Studies Yes No
Re-Abstracting/Patterns of Care Studies Yes No
Survival Studies Yes No

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