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Alabama CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Nov. 29, 2023

Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry

Registry jurisdiction Alabama
Type of review required Registry review only
IRB of record IRB of researcher affiliate institution
How to submit request:
Initial required documentation

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Step-by-Step data request submission process

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Other requirements and helpful information for researchers Patient contact studies for patients under 18 require active physician consent.
Patient contact studies for patients over 18 can use passive physician consent. The ASCR is required to give physicians a minimum of 6 weeks to respond for physician consent.

Please add a 4th category for IRB and Registry. This category would need to be for registry approval and state approval. The DOAR committee is not the full ADPH IRB and as such I could not fill out the required fields or IRB.
Processing timeframe
  • For linkage studies and de-identified data release: 1 - 3 months
  • For patient contact studies: 3-6 months
Patient Consent and Contact Procedures
  • Passive consent with the physician is required before patient contact. Physician consent is obtained by: Registry
  • Patient consent is obtained by: Researcher
Pediatric research considerations All pediatric studies require active consent.
Registry Fees The ASCR has a set fee structure but does not publish it. Justin will be more than happy to go over the fee structure during the conference call to discuss the project. For more information please refer to

Exceptions: None
IRB Fees No IRB fees
Collaboration with local researcher required No