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Nevada CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Dec. 1, 2023

Nevada Statewide Cancer Registry

General Information



Government Agency

Cancer Reporting Requirements

3-6 months from diagnosis

Every 3-6 months

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers


Health care facility and other facility that provides screening, diagnostic or therapeutic services to patients with respect to cancer and other neoplasms shall provide the information to the Chief Medical Officer required pursuant to subsection 1 of NAC 457.050 within 6 months after a patient is admitted, initially diagnosed with or treated for cancer or another neoplasm.


Except as otherwise provided in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) providers of healthcare, healthcare facilities, and other facilities are require to submit information on a quarterly basis using an electronic means approved by the Chief Medical Officer or the designee. However, the Chief Medical Officer may waive the requirement of submitting the information by electronic means pursuant to NAC if the Chief Medical Officer determines that such a waiver is in the best interests of the general public.


Code Violation

The failure of any person or association, representing that the person or association as engaged in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of cancer, to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter, or with any order of the Division validly issued under this chapter, may be subject to an administrative penalty.


Registry Data

Population Data
  • 2,919,875Total Population Count
  • 0.9%% of US Population
  • 0.7%% of US Black Population
  • 1.4%% of US API Population
  • 2.3%% of US AI/AN* Population
  • 1.4%% of US Hispanic Population
  • 1.3%% of US Hispanic Non-White Population

*CHSDA Counties only

Cancer Data
  • 12,878Malignant Cases
  • 0.8%% of US Malignant Cases






Yes (Restrictions -

Study Participation

Research TypeExperience with StudiesInterested in Studies
Case Contacts Studies Yes No
Geospatial Studies Yes No
Linkage Studies Yes No
Rapid Case Ascertainment Studies No No
Re-Abstracting/Patterns of Care Studies No No
Survival Studies No No

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