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Puerto Rico CaRI Database Information

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Puerto Rico Central Cancer Registry

General Information



Academic Institution

Cancer Reporting Requirements

3-6 months from diagnosis

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories

Hospitals, Physician/Healthcare Providers, Radiation/Radiology Facilities, Laboratories, Ambulatory Care Centers





Any entity, person, doctor or institution that fails to comply with the provisions of the Law or its regulations will be sanctioned by the Registry with an administrative fine for a first offense of three one thousand dollars ($ 3,000) per unreported case, and in subsequent infractions will be sanctioned with a fine administrative fee of five thousand dollars ($ 5,000) per unreported case.

The Registry will request the suspension of any license issued by the Department of Health, for a term of Not less than six (6) months for doctors, health professionals and health institutions that have failed to comply with Section 1 of the Article


Registry Data

Population Data
  • 3,473,181Total Population Count
  • 1.1%% of US Population
  • 0.0%% of US Black Population
  • 0.0%% of US API Population
  • 0.0%% of US AI/AN* Population
  • 0.0%% of US Hispanic Population
  • 0.0%% of US Hispanic Non-White Population

*CHSDA Counties only

Cancer Data
  • 16,001Malignant Cases
  • 1.0%% of US Malignant Cases






Yes (Restrictions -

Study Participation

Research TypeExperience with StudiesInterested in Studies
Case Contacts Studies Yes No
Geospatial Studies No Yes
Linkage Studies Yes No
Rapid Case Ascertainment Studies Yes No
Re-Abstracting/Patterns of Care Studies Yes No
Survival Studies Yes No

Contact Information

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