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Texas CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Nov. 17, 2022

Texas Cancer Registry

Registry Data

Population Data
  • 27,854,547Total Population Count
  • 8.6%% of US Population
  • 8.0%% of US Black Population
  • 7.2%% of US API Population
  • 0.5%% of US AI/AN* Population
  • 19.0%% of US Hispanic Population
  • 8.7%% of US Hispanic Non-White Population

*CHSDA Counties only

Cancer Data
  • 114,144Malignant Cases
  • 6.7%% of US Malignant Cases







Yes (Restrictions -

Study Participation

Research TypeExperience with StudiesInterested in Studies
Case Contacts Studies Yes No
Geospatial Studies Yes No
Linkage Studies Yes No
Rapid Case Ascertainment Studies No Yes
Re-Abstracting/Patterns of Care Studies Yes No
Survival Studies Yes No

Contact Information

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