Data Last Updated: Sept. 13, 2023

Gestational Trophoblastic Prognostic Scoring Index

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** This is based on clinician scoring only. The registrar is NOT to calculate the score based on available information. **Note 2:** The Prognostic Scoring Index is based on the following components * Age * Antecedent Pregnancy * Interval in Months from Index Pregnancy * Pretreatment Serum human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (mIU/ml) * Largest Tumor Size, Including Uterus * Sites of Metastases * Number of Metastases Identified * Previous Failed Chemotherapy **Note 3:** The total score ranges from 00-25. **Note 4:** If there is no clinician scoring, or a stated value is greater than 25, code X9.
Code Description
00-25 Risk factor score
X9 Not documented in medical record
Prognostic scoring index not assessed, or unknown if assessed