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Minnesota CaRI Database Information

Last Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2023

Minnesota Cancer Reporting System

Registry jurisdiction Minnesota
Type of review required Registry review only
IRB of record IRB of researcher affiliate institution
How to submit request:
Initial required documentation

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Step-by-Step data request submission process

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Other requirements and helpful information for researchers During the Peer Review process, it is wise to begin work on the contract, which proceeds through the approval process much more quickly when Minnesota's contract form is used.
When the contract is fully executed (signed 1st by MDH staff with delegated authority, then by researcher's institution's staff with authority, then the Minnesota Department of Administration), MCRS's work on the study can begin.
Contract will require researcher to provide a copy of/url to the full text of all articles published as a result of the approved work.
Processing timeframe
  • For linkage studies and de-identified data release: 1 - 3 months
  • For patient contact studies: 3-6 months
Patient Consent and Contact Procedures
  • Passive consent with the physician is required before patient contact. Physician consent is obtained by: Registry
  • Patient consent is obtained by: Depends on Study
Pediatric research considerations None
Registry Fees For linkage projects, there is a fee schedule, which is based on how many records are in the file to be linked.
For other study types, fees are determined by the costs MCRS will incur to perform the work: usually consists of personnel and supplies, A fully executed contract is required before work can begin.

Exceptions: If request is from a Minnesota local health board, no fees are charged.
IRB Fees No IRB fees
Collaboration with local researcher required No