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Data Standards and Data Dictionary

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In order to provide users with a more pleasant experience when leaving comments on various parts of the website, NAACCR Data Dictionary utilizes CKEditor, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web text editor. CKEditor has built-in accessibility support that can be viewed by pressing Alt + 0 (or Option + 0 for Mac users) while the cursor/focus is inside the editor.

Search Display Keyboard Controls

On a search page, use the Tab key to enter the list of Display fields. To customize the fields that appear and their ordering, the following keyboard controls are available:

  • Tab - move to next item
  • Shift + Tab - move to previous item
  • Up Arrow - move item one position higher in list
  • Down Arrow - move item one position lower in list
  • Spacebar - display/hide current item in search results